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Not everyone is confident with their writing, but we all know how important it is to write well. With a collaborative and straightforward approach, together, we will find confidence in what you've written. I'm here to help you sound good!

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Who am I?

My name's Georgina Titheridge. I am a professional playwright, scriptwriter, editor, and copywriter. I meet many people who feel nervous about their writing and worry it doesn't sound good. I make people feel confident about their work by creating a safe environment where we find the nicest sounding words that best represent you and your ideas.

About Me
Dec 2017 - June 2019
Mid-Level Copywriter
antoni/ Mercedes Benz
August - Sept 2019
Freelance Copywriter
Pizza Pizza Design Agency
Sep 2017 - Jan 2018
Career Foundry


I have over 10+ years of experience working worldwide in theater, art, and advertising. While my script-writing is funny and offers a unique perspective, my copy and editing work delivers straightforward, beautifully written content. I listen to my clients, and I love to work with people who are passionate and want to sound their best.

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George’s input has been brilliant - comprehensive, thoughtful, and so easy to understand and take on board. She’s helped me to understand how to write concisely, and how to inject my own personality into my work. I can’t imagine publishing work now without George’s input.

Alex Aisthorpe

Alex Aisthorpe

Experience Director at AKQA

Her copy is amazing! Really. Honestly.

Cody Matthews

Cody Matthews

Archipel, Designer

George was a great help with proofreading, and editing; elaborating on what I wanted to express about the themes within my body of work. She always makes me sound really good, and helped me find my style!

Jiab Prachakul

Jiab Prachakul


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